We made sure every image in our Whiteboard Professionals collection draws perfectly inside of Explaindio so that your videos STAND OUT!

And you can watch EVERY SINGLE IMAGE being drawn inside of Explaindio 3 below:

Wow, it took over 5 minutes in the video above to demonstrate the beautiful and realistic rendering of every color image, but you also get white fill and outline-only versions as shown below!


White Fill

Outline Only

Top 5 Benefits for You:

Your Viewers and Customers DEMAND Excellent Quality

People won't settle for less than stellar videos these days, so isn't it nice to know that by shopping at My Hero Design you're getting the highest quality assets at a great price?

Whiteboard Videos Continue to be in HUGE Demand!

There's nothing like the hypnotic effect a whiteboard video has on viewers, and that's why this style of video isn't going anywhere soon! Add in the fact that our whiteboard images draw as realistically as possible and you've got yourself a winning formula!

Fully Customizable!

You have full control of how the images are used in your videos as well as how fast or slow they are drawn. You can even opt to use our black and white versions of the same files you see in the video above!

Highly Versatile Images Means Endless Possibilities

Our whiteboard professionals also come with lots of accompanying props, so already you're off to a great start since the collection is so robust. On top of that, remember that just because a character is named "lawyer" or "vet" doesn't mean they can't also be "accountant" and "doctor" - you decide who these people should represent in your videos and that gives you the power to use them in almost unlimited ways! "Plumber" can be "handyman" and "electrician" can be "contractor" while "nurse" can be "dental assistant" and, well, you get the idea :)

Developer License Included!

Use the Whiteboard Professionals collection in your own videos or those of your clients without paying any additional fees whatsoever! Forget OTOs and upsells and all the other nonsense. At My Hero Design you get everything for one low price!

How to Redeem Your Purchase

It's easy! Just look for your welcome email if you're a new member at MyHeroDesign.com or simply login to your existing account and access your new product!

And if you have any other questions, please never hesitate to reach out by using the orange life vest on the right side of this page or by clicking here.

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