Because we want to over deliver, we have gone ahead and added a brand new collection of slides, including some really cool transition slides, to enhance your videos. Check out the 2nd video below to see what's new. That video uses ONLY the new slides we just added!

Easily Create Stunning Slideshows with Images and Video inside of Explaindio! Watch the video below to see a small sampling of what is possible with this brand new collection of Explaindio Slides!

Explaindio 3 is recommended due to its built in transitions and more robust features, but these slides will still work beautifully with any version of Explaindio

Check out the brand new content we recently added to the members area! This video uses ONLY these additional new unannounced slides!

Anthony Godinho

I've used Ron's MHD products in the past and have always found them high quality. Ron is among the few Internet Marketers whom I trust because he is always striving for excellence when it comes to his products and reviews. I've had a chance to test this new classy slideshow pack, and I must say it's easy to use and more importantly very versatile. It's a must-have if you want to create attention-grabbing and professional-looking scenes for your videos.

Here's a short video demonstrating just how easy it is to use these slides!

In fact, we're showing you the exact project we created for the video above!

Andrea Kalliwww.virtualassist.net

It’s been a bit dry lately for quality Explaindio slides with a professional and stylish look. When Ron asked me to try his new slideshow slides, I jumped at the chance to dig into them. I knew I could count on Ron to put together some really fantastic designs for Explaindio slides. And boy did he deliver! These slides are so versatile for any business and any topic. They are easy to use and in a style I could see using in each and every video I do for my clients. That’s how great these are. One thing that I love about Ron’s products is that he is absolutely 100% committed to creating the highest quality products, every time. I never have to think twice about buying something from him. As soon as he puts anything new out, I’m running to hit the Buy button without hesitation.

Top 5 Benefits for You:

Professional Effects & Animations = More Effective Videos, Period!

Draw attention to your video's message by adding your images and videos to our powerful slideshow slides and generate videos that rival that of After Effects!

Just like all of our products, these slides are extremely versatile!

Add text, images and video, overlays, flare effects and more with just a few quick clicks inside of Explaindio! Everything is "ready to go" so that you can create professional videos in just minutes, not hours.

Fully Customizable!

Change fonts, turn on/off flares, add a color overlay to both images and videos and we even provide slides without effects, because sometimes less is more! Use them to take advantage of cool Ken Burns style effects and entrance animations. You can truly customize these slides to your heart's content.

Combine the power of Explaindio with our slides for even more possibilities!!

If you have Explaindio 3, you can use its powerful built in transitions to enhance our slides, just like we did in our demo video above! You can also add your own animations, images, text and more on top of the slides to customize them even further. We built these slides for Explaindio because we love the power that it gives us video creators, so take advantage of it! We provide detailed training inside your members area as well.

Developer License Included!

Use the MHD Slideshow Slides in your own videos or those of your clients without paying any additional fees whatsoever! At My Hero Design you get everything for one low price!

Frances Flynn Thorsen

Looking for a way to make more engaging video? Here's a chance to "wow" your audience with a classy, high end presentation. MHD Slideshow is an "absolutely must have" tool in your Explaindio video arsenal (from my hands down favorite Explaindio slide creator). Easy-to-use special effects and text animations make even a newbie look like a seasoned video pro. Turn your next slideshow into an utterly delicious video that will keep your visitors' eyeballs glued to the screen while they are devouring your message.


Our unreleased Easy Text and Lower Thirds collections for Explaindio are the perfect compliment to our Slideshow files! While we wait for the next Explaindio update (coming in the next few days), we are updating the members area for these files with brand new download options and new training videos. All these files will be automatically added to your members area over the next few days at no extra cost!

Our Easy Text files allow you to quickly add sleek animated text callouts with backgrounds so that they can be read clearly on top of anything!

These also work really well on top of live action video! In fact, that's kind of what we had in mind when we designed them...

And here's our Easy Text in circle form :)

Why not, right? We're very proud of this guy.

Here's part one of our Lower Thirds!

Again, we're all about quality and...... VERSATILITY!

And here's part two!

A sharp looking lower third is one of the easiest ways to take your videos to the next level!


We guarantee that our animations are just as awesome as fully demonstrated in the examples and videos above. What you see is what you get… and more! Should you still wish to receive a refund within 45 days of purchase, we will honor that request out of goodwill. If you have any questions, rest assured that we offer legendary support. Please send us a message any time at support [at] myherodesign.com or by using the orange life vest icon on the right side of your screen. Thanks!

Jeff Bernstein

My Hero Design never fails in creating professionally rendered video assets. This new slideshow pack, to be used with Explaindio 3, is no exception. The slides are stunning, dramatic and so easy to customize. When you present the finished product to your client you will become their hero.

My Hero Design Box

How to Redeem Your Purchase

It's easy! Just look for your welcome email if you're a new member at MyHeroDesign.com or simply login to your existing account and access your new product!

​And if you have any other questions, please never hesitate to reach out by using the orange life vest on the right side of this page or by clicking here.

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